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Remove Burn Marks

In simple words, a burn is damage caused to the skin by heat usually caused by extreme sunlight, hot water, electricity and acids .Getting burnt is usually accidental and however much we want to avoid it, research shows that eight out of every ten people must have had a kind of burn since birth. This creates the need to remove burn marks and treat burn related wounds such as blisters. Early in the 17th century, Egyptians discovered a wonderful skin plant that sorted out all issues relating to the skin. The plant was the calendula flower which is scientifically referred to as Calendula Officinalis. The common name usually associated with calendula is marigold, holigold or the Russian Penicillin. Studies and research have been made concerning plants that can aid in the healing of burns and wounds associated with burning. Every time a research is done, there is one plant that does not miss from the list and it is the magical Calendula plant. This has enabled it to earn worldwide praise and recommendation from the World Health Organization as a Homeopathic remedy.

Calendula is rich in natural essentials that help in body treatment. It has a high concentration of titerpene saponins and flavonoids; this is what gives Calendula its anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula also has polysaccharides and its extract has bactericidal and antiviral qualities that help prevent infections after getting burns. The cream usually has a moisturizing effect that softens the skin as it makes the scar disappear faster. Calendula extract has a ph similar to water, thus it’s the best cure for burns affecting the eyes, since it has no itching effect on the eyes. Treatment of burn marks is usually faster if the component in use can make the skin regenerate. Luckily, Calendula has this property, thus calendula cream if applied it removes burn marks by enabling the regeneration of the skin cells.

With all these unique healing attributes, it’s best to take full advantage and use calendula cream in treating of burns and removal of marks. You can personally prepare your calendula ointment for use at home. If you are injured it is best if you go and buy a calendula cream. They are very many in the market so choosing is a big task. The best calendula cream for removing scars is one which is purely organic and has fewer preservatives; this allows the constituents of calendula to have full effect. The prescription of calendula cream is usually simple; you apply it three times in a day. Always apply it after taking a bath, when swimming apply it afterwards. Incase of irritation discontinue use of calendula cream immediately. Irritation is usually a sign of allergy. Allergy to calendula products can be determined if you are also allergic to other flowers in the same family with calendula. The only pre caution with calendula cream s and ointments is not to use them when pregnant. Treating burn marks with calendula when pregnant is avoided because calendula is an emmenagogue .It stimulates menstruation so it has to be avoided when pregnant. After an accident and you want to remove that burn mark left, get yourself a calendula cream, you will be amazed!


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