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Currently, there are so many natural skin care treatments that contain very effective natural ingredients that guarantee you the best care on your skin. Natural skin care products have of late increased in popularity as they have been found to sooth the skin better when compared to other pharmaceutical products that contain chemicals. Skin care products made from natural ingredients offers its users health and beautiful skins that make them look younger and attractive. A good natural skin care product should not only make your skin appear more radiant but should as well make your skin colour even out by removing age spots and other skin pigmentations. The major problem with these products is that there are a thousand and one natural skin care treatments and finding a product that lives to its promise of eliminating symbols of aging on your skin is pretty hard.

Perhaps, one of the most notable natural skin care product is calendula cream. Calendula is simply a miracle worker on all skin types for suffering from annoying skin scabs, skin acne, herpes sores or even skin bumps. Calendula is regarded by skin experts as an all purpose skin healer and the product enjoys a universal endorsement with a track record of more than 1000 years in practice. What makes the product great is that it’s perfectly safe to use causing no skin side effects. As per the writing of Albertus Magnus who was a traditional skin physician, he described calendula as being top of the natural skin care products. Albertus and other ancient physicians such as Plinius and Dioscorides gave calendula plant great attention as it was an excellent skin healer for various skin conditions as well as bites from wild animals. In addition, calendula was and still is a good treatment for people suffering from spleen and liver problems.

Extracts of calendula have been tested clinically and found to be very effective for treatment of various skin problems like viral infections and bacterial infections. Calendula extracts contain great properties that make the plant the best natural skin care product such as its anti-inflammatory and anti viral properties. It promotes skin epithelialization that helps the skin knit open wounds and exposed ailments together. Calendula cream also contains chemicals that speed up rejoining of broken skin resulting into a very smooth and youthful skin. The best thing of calendula cream is that the cream addresses the causes of skin problems and treating the symptoms effectively.

Most people are slowly coming into terms with how protecting the skin against damaging sun rays is very important. Sun rays have been a notable cause of skin cancer that has been a great concern in modern world. A great early physician known as Matthiolus regarded calendula plant as a cancer herb in its own right. The doctor author referred calendula to as an anti cancer due to its immune stimulating powers. People with skin ailments and wishing to take care of their skin are recommended to apply calendula cream once daily on their skin to get a long lasting natural skin care.


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