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Burn Marks Treatments

An accident that gets one burned usually affects the individual, his/her family and friends. The individual is usually affected physically, emotionally and psychologically.The emotional and psychological aspect comes about because the individual goes through an undesired change of his/her part of the body. Burn marks treatment is usually dependent on how deep the injury is. Superficial burns are treated by creams .Deep burns require hospitalization and urgent medical attention. There are very many creams for burn marks treatments, but the ones which stand   out are those that contain Calendula extracts.

 Calendula is a flower that belongs to the same family as daisies. It has long been used as a treatment for major skin ailments. In the North American war, it was used in the treatment of burns, blisters and general wounds that the soldiers got while in operation. Calendula creams have therefore been on production and their effectiveness has left very many surprised. Many researches have been undertaken and all have had positive reviews about the calendula cream. A study was done by French journalists from July 1999 to June 2001. The study was based on 254 patients who were in need of burn marks treatment. They found that acute dermatitis occurrence had been lowered by a staggering 41% with the use of calendula cream. This further brought Calendula cream into the limelight.

Research has therefore been undertaken on the constituents of Calendula cream. It has been found to have a variety of components necessary to healing, that when extracted it forms the best burn marks treatment cream. The calendula cream extract has an anti-inflammatory component that makes it best for removing irritations after burns. It is also antiviral in nature thus it helps to prevent the infections that might come up after the injury. It also aids in the production of glycosaminoglycans; these are molecules that make the skin firm, moisturize it and give it capacity to stretch. The extract has oils which easily get absorbed into the scar. The oil helps also to reduce the irritation caused by inflammation and makes exfoliation easier and less irritating. These are the components that together help to make Calendula cream effective in burn marks treatment.

Use and application of Calendula cream is not restricted to prescription. If you get a burn, immerse the affected part in cold water for a period of about 30 seconds to 1 minute when the burning feeling subsides. Take apiece of clean, non sticky cloth and wipe the wound. Use linen if possible or cotton dipped in warm water and water has been strained out of it. Apply the cream on the wound .Always make sure that you apply the calendula cream after baths. If you go for a swim, apply it after swimming. Consistent use of Calendula cream will result in quick recovery since it shortens the time required for healing by nearly a half .Remember to start treatment immediately after the burn so as to avoid scarring. The use of Calendula cream for burn marks treatment has resulted in it being approved by the World Health Organization as treatment for burns during homoeopathic therapy.


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