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The skin is the largest body organ and it’s in fact the only organ that can be seen from outside. Since the skin serves vital functions in the body, using top skin care products on your skin is simply not a question of if, but it’s highly recommended. Treating you skin with top skin care products makes the skin appear beautiful, look great and smell well not forgetting that the skin appears young too. When it comes to choosing top products for your skin, the options are just overwhelming. Telling which skin care product really work and which one is market hype is simply not that easy.

As noted above, finding the top skin care product can be tricky. For instance telling which is the top facial cleanser that will leave your face purely clean an be confusing to many people bearing in mine that everyone has a unique type of skin with varying expectations on what the cleanser would do for his/her skin. One of the top skin care product that has been used for thousands of years and still continues to dominate the market of skin care products is calendula cream. This herbal product was originally used in preparing tea that was used to calm stomach upsets but is of lately popularly used in making skin care creams. The first action of calendula cream is soothing the skin. This is very fundamental as other chemical skin care products applied on the skin causes increased scrubbing and rubbing that damages the skin to a great extent. When such damage on the skin is sensed by nervous system, histamine hormone is released which causes skin irritation. Calendula cream prevents the irritation from worsening as well as providing extended care on you skin such as eliminating bacteria that cause pimples, bruises and skin acnes.

Some people prefer to use home Microdermabraison on their skin with intentions of saving skin care costs. However, the truth of the matter is that this skin care product only makes your skin condition worse damaging your beautiful skin in the long run. Its simply one of the many skin care scrubs whose results doesn’t match those of calendula cream. Sun screen is also a good skin care product that protects the skin from damages caused by sun exposure. You can use sun screen products of various types ranging from powder sun screen, organic as well as natural sun screen got from calendula plant which saves you painful trips to a plastic surgeon. Calendula cream is also used as a top dry skin care product that acts as a good therapy to dry skin. Calendula cream provides the much needed moisturization and hydration on the skin making your skin appear great and beautiful. In addition to these great benefits of calendula, the cream also contains ant-aging ingredients and skin antioxidants that promote overall skin care. Generally, calendula cream maintains the healthiness of the skin and keeps it chemical compositions balanced. What is even exciting is that studies have revealed that calendula cream works perfectly well on all skin types with no unfavorable side effects on the skin.


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